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BEE charter
Corporate Social Investment
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Management structure - Group Executive Committee
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People Development
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Our Metals African footprint
Our Paper African footprint
Our Plastics African Footprint
Nampak Packaging Company | South Africa
Glass Paper Products and Manufacturing | Nampak Glass
Glass-About Us
Nampak Glass-Brochures
Glass Bottle Environment | The Glass Recycling Company
Nampak Glass-About Us
World-class Nampak Glass Manufacturing
Nampak Glass-About Us
World-class Nampak Glass Manufacturing
Glass Bottles | Carbonated Soft Drink Bottles | Beer Bottles
Glass-Products and Services
Share Price
Metal Products, Cans and Tinware | Nampak Metal
Metals - African contacts
Nampak Metals | African Contacts and Branches
Bevcan About Us
Beverage Can Manufacturer | Steel and Aluminium Cans
Bevcan Environment
Bevcan Environment | Metal Beverage Can Recovery and Recycling
Bevcan Products and Services
Beverage Can Manufacturing | Bevcan Products and Services
Metals Closures About Us
Metal Closures Products and Services
Divfood About Us
Divfood Tin Can Suppliers and Manufacturers
Divfood Products and Services
Food Can Manufacturing | Divfood Products and Services
Non Packaging
Non Packaging Products and Services
Coding and Package Inspection Equipment
Inspection and Coding Solutions About Us
Inspection and Coding Solutions Products and Services
Packaging Solutions | Inspection and Coding | Bar Coding
Commercial and Industrial Tissue
Tissue About Us
Tissue Products and Services
Tissue Vision and Values
Promotion of access to information
Paper Products | Paper Manufacturers | Nampak
Paper Products and Paper Manufacturers | Nampak Paper
Contact Nampak Paper | African Contacts
Nampak Paper | African Contacts and Branches
Paper Cartons and Labels Manufacturing
Folding Cartons | Fast Food Packaging | Cigarette Wrapping Materials
Corrugated Paper Packaging Solutions | Nampak
Nampak Recycled Paper Mills | Corrugated Paper
Corrugated Products and Packaging Solutions
Elopak Paper Carton-filling Machine Maintenance
Elopak Environment and Responsible Resource Management
Elopak Fibreboard Cartons | Liquid Carton Packaging
Liquid Paper | Carton Design and Filling | Carton Manufacturing
Conipak Cartons | Cartons with Venting for Fermentation
Paper Sacks and Bags | Self-opening Bags
Multi-wall Sacks | High Gloss Sacks and Bag Manufacturing
Plastics Products and Manufacturing
Plastics Products and Manufacturing | Nampak Plastics
Nampak Plastics | African Contacts and Branches
Nampak Plastics | African Contacts
Plastic Closures | Plastic Packaging | Plastic Bottle Caps
Plastic Closures | Bottle Caps | Plastic Lids
Flexible Best Manufacturing Practices | Nampak
Paper Foil Laminations | Aseptic Bag-in-box Packaging Manufacturer
Filling Machinery and Handling Systems | In-plant Blow Moulding
Liquid Plastics Products and Services | HDPE bottles
Polycyclers | Mauser technology | Drums and Crates
Megapak Environment | Nampak Polycyclers Recycling
Plastic Drums | Silk Screening and Embossing Crates
Petpak PET bottles for Soft Drink Markets
Soft Drink Bottles | Plastic Bottles | Carbonated and Non-carbonated
Thin Wall Injection-Moulded Tubes
Plastic Tubes Packaging and Manufacturing
Privacy policy
Nampak Recycling Services and Research
Services Landing
Research & Development-About Us
Research & Development-Services
Recycling-About Us
Group Environmental Policy
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