Nampak's history

1920s Cardboard boxes made in South Africa by various entrepreneurs.
1930s Metal Box incorporated in South Africa.
1940s Amalgamated Packaging Industries (API) was one of South Africa's leading packaging companies. Metal Box South Africa listed on Johannesburg Stock Exchange.
1950s Metal Box and other packaging companies grew organically.
1960s National Containers and National Packaging were major packaging companies.
1968 Nampak (National Amalgamated Packaging) formed through acquisitions. Nampak listed on Johannesburg Stock Exchange.
1970s Nampak bought by Reed Corp and sold to Barlow Rand.
1980s Nampak acquired 51% of Metal Box in 1983 and 100% in 1988.
1990s Expanded into UK through acquisition of BlowMocan. Expanded into Europe through acquisition of Plysu plc. Acquired Crown Cork South Africa.
2002 Acquired Crown Cork's operations in Anglophone Africa. Acquired Malbak Limited.
2005 Joint venture with Wiegand-Glass.
2006 10% of shares sold in BEE transaction.
2012 Acquired the remaining 50% shareholding in Nampak Wiegand Glass from Wiegand Glass.
2013 Acquired remaining shares in Packaging Industries Malawi.
2014 Alucan acquisition in Nigeria successfully concluded.
2014 Nigeria plastic closures line for still water and carbonated soft drinks is commissioned.
2014 Cartons and Labels division sold.
2014 3rd Furnace at Nampak Glass is opened.